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Mornings & Middays

BOB found Colby at a recent Ratt concert at the Cotillion. When you see someone enjoying 80's Hair Band rock as much as this guy, you have to find a place for him on the radio. Colby makes your afternoon at work go a little quicker with BOB!

The 9 at 9 & Afternoons

Brent loves being on BOB-FM almost as much as he loves his pet... HIS BEARD! He takes it on on long walks, he talks to it and even uses it for "covert operations" (He uses it to hide Cheetos). Listen every weekday for Brent and his beard!

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Cathy Carrier has been doing weather in the Wichita area for...well, long enough. But not so long it makes her sound old or anything! For the most accurate weather in the morning, at work or for your drive home, Cathy will keep you informed of the latest that Kansas skies wanna throw at us.

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