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Stockholders have approved the $12.2 billion sale of Topeka-based electric company Westar Energy to Missouri-based Great Plains Energy. Both companies reported Monday that participating shareholders overwhelmingly approved the deal. Federal and state regulators also must sign off on it. The companies hope to complete the sale next spring.
A federal judge has ordered Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach to show why he shouldn’t be held in contempt for failing to register for federal elections people who registered at motor vehicle offices without providing citizenship documents. U.S. District Judge Julie Robinson on Monday ordered Kobach to appear in her courtroom Friday to explain […]
Wichita Police have arrested a teenager who reportedly assaulted a woman at the Dillons near Central and Maize Road on Saturday. The woman reportedly suffered broken ribs as she was jumped out in the parking lot. Police say the victim is a 58 year-old woman. The 17 year-old suspect was arrested nearby and charged with […]
Gov. Sam Brownback’s economic advisory council has discontinued a quarterly report that had been developed to ensure a timely analysis of the administration’s economic policies. The Council of Economic Advisors, which is chaired by Brownback, will no longer compile and distribute a review of economic markers picked by the administration and championed as an accountability […]
Small town politics up in Sedgwick, as Mayor Rodney Eggleston abruptly quit last night. Eggleston claims some on the council are taking the city down what he called a slippery slope. He said he doesn’t like the direction the city of Sedgwick is headed right now. Lynne Vigil is now the mayor in Sedgwick. She […]
The Butler County SHeriff confirms an investigation is underway involving embezzlement within the Towanda court clerk’s office. Sheriff Kelly Herzet says he does not know how far back the allegations go or how much money has gone missing. The Towanda court clerk is now on paid administrative leave.
Police activity in the 2700 block of South Santa Fe in Wichita this morning. That’s where a stabbing took place overnight near Pawnee and Broadway. One person was taken by ambulance from the scene in critical condition. Police have not yet said if they have a suspect in custody.
A Kansas judge did not immediately decide whether to permanently force Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach to count all votes cast in local and state elections by residents who registered at motor vehicle offices or used a federal form without providing proof of citizenship. Shawnee County District Judge Larry Hendricks heard arguments Wednesday on […]


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