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City crews continue getting ready for the start of Wichita’s RIver Festival this weekend. They’ve been monitoring the bacteria levels in the river. They say with all the recent rains, there is the risk of higher bacteria levels such as ecoli because of runoff. City crews are also working hard to keep storm drains clear […]
Republican leaders in the GOP-dominated Kansas Senate have cancelled a debate over raising taxes to close a state budget shortfall. Senate Majority Leader Terry Bruce confirmed the decision shortly before the debate was to begin yesterday. He and other top Republicans said they did not expected any bill to pass Thursday.
A bit of a scare at Riverside Elementary School Thursday in Wichita after a gas leak forced administrators to evacuate the building. The school is located in the 1000 block of North Porter. Firefighters say explosive levels of natural gas were discovered at the foundation of the building and they don’t know where it was […]
Just in time for the Memorial Day holiday weekend, some volunteers have refurbished the MK14 Submarine Torpedo that serves as one of the memorials in Wichita’s Veterans Memorial Park. The torpedo was vandalized sometime over the past few weeks. Global Collission Center workers donated their time and effort in erasing grafiti and getting the torpedo […]
A loaded gun was found in a pasenger’s carry on bag at Eisenhower National Airport in Wichita on Monday. TSA says they found the .380 calibre Smith and Wesson Bodyguard firearm loaded with six rounds at the checkpoint screening area. The passenger was interviewed and later allowed to continue to his flight. Firearms are allowed […]
The Kansas Senate has approved a compromise on regulations that ride-hailing company Uber says will allow it to stay in the state.. Under the new measure, Uber and other ride-hailing companies could do private background checks on their subcontracted drivers under the bill. But they could face lawsuits from the attorney general if drivers were […]
Republican Gov. Sam Brownback has signed a bill clarifying the legality of fantasy leagues. The legality of fantasy sports leagues has been in dispute because the Kansas Constitution allows only the state to administer games fitting a broad definition of a lottery. The state’s gambling regulator announced in August that it viewed fantasy sports as […]
Active duty military and their families can now get free admission to several Wichita museaums through Labor Day as part of the annual Blue Star Museums program. More than 2,000 museums across the country will be offering the free admission. In Wichita, the attractions that are free starting Monday are Botanica, the Mid-America All-Indian Center, […]
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